Student pens brutal letter to fifth grade teacher who sent her to summer school

It is probably every child’s dream to wreak his or her anger with a disliked teacher like this, and adults all over the internet cannot stop having fun with the words in this letter.

A hilarious letter allegedly written by an anonymous fifth-grader has become viral after it was posted on Twitter, having attracted more than 33,000 re-tweets since, and originating thousands of witty answers, according to IB Times.

The unknown child’s frantic evaluation of his or her despised teacher’s education methods and overall personality and the angry and brutal discourse has made the letter so fun to read by netizens all over the world and it’s been the source of many jokes.

We can all relate to the child’s outrage after being punished by a teacher he didn’t like, but the brutality and complexity at times of this particular letter have made it especially popular on the internet.

The teacher to whom the letter was addressed is identified only as Ms. Leonie, who, it transpires, apparently sent the unnamed student to summer school for what, as the child believes, were personal reasons.

The first Twitter user who shared the handwritten letter wrote next to it: ‘Y'all I'm screaming. To whom does this child belong?!,’ starting the exchange of comments with mixed reactions around the subject.

The letter, that starts with: ‘this is going to be the last time that I see you. I hope,’ is not short of personal attacks and subtle threats to the teacher, and it is sprinkled with shocking swearwords that none of us would imagine getting away with while growing up.

 ‘Once upon a time I did like you but that was a long time ago. Matter of fact, a long time ago. Now I hate you and I mean every word. I was really smart when I came into 5th grade but you made me a total dumbass and you know it,’ the child wrote.

Summer schools in the US sometimes serve as remedial classes designed to help failing students, but it is obviously something that no child wants to hear about. This child certainly doesn’t believe he deserves to be sent to it.

In a language we aren’t even permitted to use here, the child accuses the Ms. Leonie of not having occupied herself with the other students in her class ‘who were stupid and never did work’ instead of bothering him or her.

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