Mom shares photo of son's open casket and there's a heartbreaking reason behind it

This story can be quite disturbing for some readers.

As reported in an article published by People, Cheryl Hudson, a bereaved mother from Mississippi, shared photos of her son Andrew Leach's open casket who hung himself after being bullied at school.

Leach was a student at the Southhaven Middle School and was harassed after coming out as bisexual by others. Hudson found him hanging in his family's residence on March 6.

Hudson warned the other parents of the menace of bullying by sharing photos of her son's open casket at his funeral on social media. She urged parents to be vigilant in order to stop bullying of any kind.

Hudson expressed her grief and admitted that she broke down frequently even after she felt that she had cried out her sorrow all she could.

“My child was such a sweet-natured, fun-loving kid who was easily a Momma’s boy and I don’t think I’ll ever get over this.All your prayers and support have been humbling and overwhelming.”

Cheryl Hudson, Facebook, March 8, 2018 

Hudson added that she spoke to the school's principal about her son being subjected to bullying. She said that she had no idea what the correct course of action was in such a situation.

Hudson's husband, Matt Leach, had spoken to one of Leach's teachers at one point in time and learned that a group of students fat shamed Leach and called him worthless and ugly.

Matt claimed that his son's bullying was likely to be amped up since he was struggling to gain clarity internally on his sexual orientation. 

A GoFundMe campaign was created for Leach's funeral for $5,000 that was held on March 9. Hudson mentioned that the rest of the amount will be going towards a rally that fights against bullying in school in Desoto County, Mississippi.

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