New crazy social media trend. Couples are swapping wedding rings for actual finger piercings

The most common thing that people do when they ask someone else to marry them is to give them a ring.

That tradition just started changing thanks to a new social media trend. Several people have chosen to ditch the ‘old-fashioned’ wedding bands and have opted to get permanent piercings on their ring fingers.

Meaww reported that, while it might be seen as a bizarre and painful way to demonstrate love, many grooms and brides have posted photos on their social media showcasing their piercings.

The simplest design has a small silver piece that is located in the middle of the finger and makes others believe that person is wearing a ring. Some others are more intricate as they might have bars underneath the skin and diamonds on the surface.

Dermal piercings, the name experts gave to that style of art, consist of two different pieces. The first one is a flat plate that is placed beneath the skin that holds the second one, which is the changeable piece of jewelry people see.

Ever since the dermal piercings were created, dermatologists have warned everybody how dangerous they can be. Now that people have opted for the wedding-ring piercings, they emphasized their danger.

They say that if they are not placed deep enough, they might start moving around, which will be painful. If they are placed too deep, the skin will begin growing over the piercing.

Finally, doctors pointed out that those kinds of piercings have higher chances to get infected. The most common symptoms are redness, painful swelling, and pus discharge.

Depending on the store, the city, the design, and the artist, getting one of those piercings costs around $35 and $50.

It is not the first time people have figured a different way to show their love. A couple of years ago, the tattoo wedding bands were created, which consists of getting a tattoo with the design of a wedding ring.

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