The vet said to put him down. But Benji is now living the life any dog would envy

Even though dogs are considered the man’s best friend, it was a woman who saved a little puppy from a terrible end.

While she was walking on a street, she found a young dog twitching and itching from a severe skin condition he was suffering. The most shocking aspect of it was that he was wearing a collar, which means someone abandoned him.

As soon as she saw him in pain, she began crying and took him to the veterinary. All Cute All The Time reported that, once there, the expert’s recommendation was to put him to sleep so he stopped suffering.

The woman, sure that the dog would overcome that situation, decided to take him home and take care of him. From the very first moment the dog entered the woman’s house, she started giving him as much love as possible.

She named him Benji, gave him the vaccines he needed, and, using her own methods, his skin started improving day after days.

She bathed him once a week and applied virgin coconut oil on a daily basis to help the healing process of his damaged skin.

According to her, his smell was pretty bad and no matter how many products she used, it wouldn’t go away. Thankfully, it faded away and, three months later, Benji was out of danger.

Not only she saved his life but also kept him and, at the moment, he is another member of her family. Thanks to the woman’s efforts, he can enjoy from long walks and playful antics with the other dog the family has.

The first time they took him to the beach, they decided to make a video. Benji can be seen rolling on the sand, running with a freind of the family, and being covered with sand.

Knowing that there are people in the world who are willing to take care of defenseless animals like Benji makes others believe that things can be a lot better. All that they have to do is give it a try.

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