Nurse doesn't know someone is recording what she’s doing near dying grandma

Edduin Carvajal
Mar 15, 2018
10:13 A.M.
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Most of the times, people thank doctors for saving others' lives because they studied a lot and learned many things in order to cure their patients in no time.


Nurses, on the other hand, don’t always receive the recognition they deserve. They are the ones who take care of others. No matter the day or the time, they will always do their best to make the patients feel better.

As reported by Rely Hero, Isabelle, a nurse, is the living proof of how softhearted they can be. After learning that Grandma Helen, one of the patients she had met before, was about to die, Isabelle decided to visit her.

One of the most surprising facts is that she did it on her day off. Not only she sat next to her but also she sang a song. Helen’s grandson, Jeremiah Nichol, took his phone out and started recording what she was doing without telling her anything.


The sweet video became viral and people all over the world started admitting that what Isabelle did was something not many people – not even doctors – would do.

In it, Helen seemed to be relaxed and calmed after hearing Isabelle’s voice singing a beautiful hymn and feeling her gentle touch on her arm.

Nichol took his time to express his gratitude for all the healthcare professionals who helped Helen and gave a special ‘thank you’ to Isabelle for her selfless action and for being a 'comforting voice' in the family.

‘The daily compassion of unknown numbers of good health care workers goes unnoticed by many. Thank you for the gifts you share and the love for patients you bestow.’

Jeremiah Nichol, Inspire More, November 2, 2017.

A couple of days after the video was recorded, Helen passed away. She left behind a large, loving family who will always know the nurses and staff members of the Life Care in Seneca, KS, took a good care of her during her final moments.