'Fox News' star Tomi Lahren gets backlash after she kicked her dog.

Rodolfo Vieira
Mar 15, 2018
03:56 P.M.
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A great majority of people loves animals, or at least respect the fact that they deserve to live in peace as much as we do. But not everyone seems to think like that.


Tomi Lahren, for example, has been under fire since yesterday, March 14, 2018, for saying that she had to kick her dog, Kota, five times during a Fox 7 Friends show.

This didn't bode well with animal lovers all across the world, who took to several social media platforms to criticize the controversial blonde, as reported by Complex.

Lahren was caught at the LAX airport, in Los Angeles, by a TMZ crew. When asked about the Instagram story where she admitted to having kicked the dog, she replied that it was all a joke.


The media personality added that she didn't believe that people were really upset, and that they must have understood that she wasn't being serious about hurting Kota.

According to the source, Lahren told the cameraman that she only said that because it had been a very 'slow news day.' Joke or not, hundreds of internet users didn't find it amusing.


Taylor Moore, a Twitter user, wrote that she had found a new reason to hate Lahren and that whether she was joking or not, talking about kicking an animal was no laughing matter.

As reported by Complex, several other Twitter users agreed with Moore and asked Lahren if abusing animals was also part of her job. So far, she hasn't replied to any of the comments.


Kota doesn't appear to be injured. In fact, she seems quite healthy, but the 25-year-old journalist's 'joke,' as she put it, was just another controversial moment to add to the list.

It's only March, and she has already managed to upset an array of people. Before saying that she kicked her dog, Lahren made transphobic comments regarding Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III, insulted Jay-Z and angered Parkland survivors with her pro-gun opinions on the mass shooting that took place last month.