Kelly Ripa perfectly shuts up a body shamer who said that her 'head is too big for her body'

Since celebrities are very popular, it is easy to see many people commenting on their posts. Some of them say positive things and some others say the opposite.

What most people from the entertainment industry do is ignore them. Kelly Ripa proved she is different and, once in a while, she takes her time to hit back at those who attack her and her family on social media.

According to People, she did it again twice in a week. The first time happened on March 10, 2018, when @Samanthap143 commented on an Instagram post that showed Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos.

The woman said that he looked funny when he tried to look taller. Consuelos hit first asking the woman to please tell him how he was trying to look taller.

Ripa joined the discussion by pointing out that he was 'tall where it counts.' Even though the couple’s response to that comment surprised several people, Ripa uploaded a video the following day giving a couple of details about her life.

In it, she confessed that she loves trolling other trolls and that it was her favorite thing to do. Later, she started reading a comment that someone wrote on her social media.

The unnamed person told her that she had so much makeup on and that it made her look like a wax figure. She replied saying that she had ‘way more makeup’ than a wax figure.

She added that she knows it because she has a wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s and she doesn’t wear that much makeup. To finish her comment, she asked if her wax figure got the change to attend the Academy Award.

While the video itself was a direct attack on her cyberbullies, Paula Maccani, an Instagram user, wrote another mean comment: ‘Her head looks to [sic] big for her tiny body.’

Almost immediately, Ripa replied that ‘to’ was supposed to be spelled ‘too,’ proving that there are more than a way to troll a troll.

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