Boss offered his secretary to have sex. She agreed and understood her terrible mistake

Although she wasn't sure at first, after agreeing to the conditions proposed to her, she quickly realized the prize wasn't worth it.

It was a regular day at the office, just like any other, with lots of work to do. The boss had been showing signs of nervousness during the last days as if he wanted to say something.

Suddenly, with a witty attitude, this boss came close to his employee and, with a low-tone voice, he had an indecent proposal to the young secretary.

He said to her that he wanted to have sex with her, claiming that she wouldn't even realize it was happening because it was going to be really fast.

He said that he would throw $1 000 right on the office floor, also explaining that by the time she could pick all that cash up, the act would be over.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

At first, she felt very offended by the proposal, as she thought it was abusive and not respectful to her, but she quickly reconsidered the offer, realizing it was too much money.

However, the young girl thought it was important to consult this major decision, and she decided to call her boyfriend for advice.

The boyfriend didn't like it at first. "That's abusive, you should quit that job," he said to her.

He immediately realized it was a pretty good offer, and thought about a better plan. He advised her that she should ask for $2 000, thinking that the boss wouldn't even consider the offer.

"If you pick the money really fast, he won't be able to even undress you," he said.

After hanging up, she said to her boss that she would accept the deal. After an hour, the boyfriend wasn't sure of the secretary whereabouts and decided to call her to know what happened.

The secretary replied: "My boss used coins and I'm still picking them up," she said.

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