Grandma took girl to her garage and camera caught the terrible torture the kid faced that day

Even though raising children might be very hard, there are things that should never be done to them.

Dressing up as a witch named 'Nelda' to scare and mistreat them is certainly one of them. That's what 51-year-old Geneva Robinson used to do to her 7-year-old granddaughter.

One of the most shocking aspects of it was that the neighbors and other people close to the family were surprised to learn that Robinson was capable of doing such a thing to their own granddaughter.

Everything would've been still a secret if Robinson hadn't taken the girl to the hospital admitting that she 'couldn't control her anymore.' Once there, doctors noticed that she was clearly malnourished and that her body was covered with bruises and burn marks.

Soon after that, the police was sent to Robinson's house, located in southeast Oklahoma City, and arrested her.

When they interviewed the victim, she admitted her grandmother used to dress as a witch, take her to the garage at night, bind her wrists, and make her spend the night there wearing nothing but a pair of pants to 'discipline her.'

The girl added that 'Nelda' used a pink dog leash to hang her by her arms before telling her that the 'creatures in the attic were going to come get her.'

After investigating, the police found whips, chains, and a witch hat that corroborated the victim's story. On April 13, 2017, she was sentenced to three consecutive life terms in prison after she pleaded guilty to five counts of felony child abuse.

A video recorded by another child who also lived in the house served as a critical piece of evidence because it showed an episode of the things the girl had to go through.

An adult resident of that house admitted he got the 'witch treatment' when he was younger, as well, and that 'Nelda' used to kick him in the testicles as a way of torture.

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