Wife refuses to have sex with husband. Some minutes later the insidious man gets what he wants

Mar 15, 2018
08:44 P.M.
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Marital relationships can be really complex, really passionate, and above all, an endless source of hilarious experiences.


It's recommended to have a balanced sense of humor, as life challenges are already pretty difficult and tiresome. Taking everything too seriously could make life a chore.

With that in mind, this story could cause a smile, or even a big laugh, on many people, and everyone who has been in a monogamous relationship will understand this case perfectly.

Every couple develops their own unique and special dynamic, which is molded around their own experiences and life path.

The rivalries, inside jokes, disputes, and even games a couple share are a great piece of what makes intimacy so special.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock


This story is about a couple who was married for several years, and one night, right when they were going to fall asleep, the husband smoothly caressed their wife's arm.

The wife, who was turned at that moment, was keeping herself quiet, but immediately had an answer for her husband.

"I'm sorry but I have an appointment with the gynecologist tomorrow and I want to be fresh," she said.

The husband, feeling rejected, turned back to his bedside and tried to fall asleep as quickly as possible, but he wasn't able to.

Some minutes later, he turned again, facing his wife, uncovering her wife once again. He had to try anything to make it work.

He whispered to her: "Have you an appointment with the dentist tomorrow too?"

A good laugh a day chases sadness and depression away. If this joke was enjoyable, pass it on to someone who needs a smile and a chuckle.

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