Everyone has salt in the house. 10 unusual ways to use it that'll save you a fortune

The essential kitchen ingredient can do truly amazing things.

An article published by Shared listed 10 unusual uses of salt at home, ranging from clearing a clogged drain to keeping ants away.

Salt is an indispensable item found in every household. And though everyone knows it as a flavor-adding ingredient, there a host of other utilities of the tiny white crystals.

Here are 10 amazing ways anyone can use salt and end up saving a lot of time, effort and money by doing so:

  1. Use it to unclog the drainage:

One of the routine tasks in keeping a clean house is unclogging the drains. While kitchen drains tend to get choked up with food, bathroom drains get clogged with hair.

The most common solution is the use of a drain cleaning liquid. However, it can leave an unpleasant smell and also costs quite a lot.

Instead, pouring down a mixture salt and baking soda in the same quantity into the drain, and then adding half a cup of vinegar into it can work miracles. After about 30 minutes, it is advised to rinse the drain with hot water.

  1. Get rid of the excess froth while doing dishes:

Bubbles are fun in general, but not when you are trying to scrub off a tough stain from a utensil. Adding a pinch of salt to the dishwashing liquid froth will clear away the bubbles.

  1. No more ant troubles:

Ants can be a real menace in the kitchen, and salt can help you get rid of them. Simply sprinkle salt or a solution of salt water in areas that are most prone to gathering ants.

  1. Use it to put out a fire:

Whether it is a barbecuing accident or a more serious burst of flames, grab some table salt, since it will come to the rescue and stop the fire.

  1. Get rid of shoe odor:

Leave a sprinkling of salt inside your shoes overnight, and drive the pungent stink away. Salt absorbs the odor and keeps insects and bugs at bay. For a stronger solution, mix in some baking soda.

  1. Makes grease removal easy:

If you tend to have tough grease on your cooking pans often, simply layer it with table salt. Even gentle scrubbing will remove the grease and leave the pan clean and shiny.

  1. Make bathtub cleaning easy:

Instead of inhaling the chemical cleaners that are available in the market, make a mixture of salt, grapefruit, vinegar, turpentine or lemon. Scrub gently to restore your clean bathtub.

  1. Keep smell away from your hands:

You take up so many tasks in a day, and some of these are bound to leave a smell on your hands. Scrub salt all over wet hands to instantly get rid of the unpleasant odor.

  1. Use it to clean carpet stains:

Carpets are precious, and if it develops stains of spilled wine or food, cleaning it can be a daunting task. If a liquid has been spilled, soak it up with a sponge, before leaving some salt on the area for half a day.

  1. For shiny shower curtains:

Shower curtains tend to gather dirt and also appear dull over a period of time. But the biggest problem is the appearance of molds owing to dampness. Keep them clean and fresh by washing them with salt water.

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