Man followed mum home and raped her. Then he noticed there is a 4-yr-old child in the home

There is a lot of evil in this world, and some members of society seem to have gone back in time when it comes to the way they carry themselves around.

Thomas Evans was one of those people. On February 1, 2018, the man stumbled upon a woman, whose name is yet to be revealed, dropping two children off at school in Charleston, South.

His predatory instincts took over him and he followed her all the way home. After breaking in, he held the mother at knifepoint and forced her to have sex with him, as reported by the Mirror.

She was severely beaten for trying to resist. He punched, kicked and even slammed her head against the hard wooden floor during the attack. When he stopped, he realized that they were not alone.

The 37-year-old man noticed that she had a third child. A 4-year-old girl, whose identity has been concealed for her protection, stood nearby, frightened and not knowing what to do.

According to the source, Evans placed the girl in his car and drove hundreds of miles across three states. In a frenzy, the mother called the police and a missing person operation was initiated.

Despite the police's best efforts, they weren't able to track the criminal down. No reported sights, clues or hints. Two weeks later, on February 14, they were lucky enough to find Evans' car parked near a railroad track.

Both Evans and the girl were asleep. She was wearing adult clothing, while the 37-year-old appeared to be severely inebriated. He was dragged out of the car and arrested on the spot.

As reported by the Mirror, upon further investigation, the police officers found out that the girl had also been sexually abused,

Evans had charges filed against him, including kidnapping, transportation of a minor to engage in sexual activity and aggravated sexual abuse of a person under the age of twelve. He is expected to face life in prison.

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