Officer detained a man with a bunch of plastic bottles. Looking closer, people jumped in horror

Customs department in Indonesia discovered a large number of plastic bottles stuffed with a live bird in the luggage of a passenger, who was detained for questioning.

According to Newsner, there were twenty-one yellow-crested cockatoos birds in the bottle. The birds were tightly wrapped and their beaks were also taped shut so that there was no possibility of making a sound.

As the result of the inhumane method of smuggling and the concealment of the birds, some of the creatures did not survive the journey.

The source informed that Yellow-crested cockatoos are species of Indonesia, who are now endangered because of the rapid deforestation in Indonesia. Since the birds are gorgeous and smart, they are also considered popular pets.

It was revealed that each bird sells on the black market for more than $1,500. The price goes higher if the bird is that much rarer. This is a shocking stat which has caused major concern for people all over the world.

It also exposes another dangerous truth - the more a species becomes endangered, the chances of their survival goes down by that much degree.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The illegal trading of such rare animals, birds as well as plants is a big industry that is worth billions of dollars. The parts of such endangered animals are sometimes even used to make natural medicines, jewelry, and even souvenirs.

As a concerned and aware citizen of the word, it is the duty of every person, who might be abroad on vacation, to be conscious about what they buy and what they bring back home with them.

Of course, no one wants to be a part of some kind of illegal smuggling of animals and plants, so everyone must be extra careful when visiting a new place.

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