What is the Duggar family's ethnicity? Here's what we know about their possible origin

While much remains a mystery about their origin, some details have been dug up.

According to an article published by In Touch Weekly, little has been known about the ethnic origins of the Counting On family of the Duggars. 

Although the series revolves around the lives of the Duggar children and grandchildren, there has surprisingly been no mention of their ethnic heritage so far.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have raised 19 children, and fans of the show get an up close and personal look at the culture of the matriarchal family.

However, the name Duggar is still largely a mystery in terms of ethnicity. Neither the media, the internet nor the Duggars have given out any information about their ancestry.

The only theory that could be found was that the name Duggar could be an anglicized version of the French surname Dugard. Going by this suggestion, the family could have French origins.

Michelle’s maiden name Ruark was traced as being of Irish origin, an altered version of the older O’Rourke.

The oldest Duggar has been documented as Daniel Duggar and his presence in America has been dated to the year 1696. Reports are that Daniel Duggar was born in Surrey, VA.

He got married to Mary Scarborough in 1716. They lived happily together until Daniel breathed his last in 1773.Chances are that the celebrity Duggar family could indirectly be linked to the old man.

Questions have also been raised by netizens about the nationality of the Duggars. It is known that Jim Bob and Michelle were born in America, in the state of Arkansas.

The couple raised the children at home with strict home-schooling. The patriarchal figure was born in Springlake, and he met the love of his life when she was merely 19 years old.

Whether any of the family members will reveal hints about the family’s ethnicity, can only be discovered if the cast discusses it in an episode.

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