Horse finally started to show birthing signs. Suddenly owners notice that twins were born

Rebelander Basilan
Mar 30, 2018
10:54 A.M.

They thought their horse only had one foal in her belly.


As reported by Uplifting Today, Jenni and Guy had been waiting for months for their beautiful Palomino mare, Daisy, to give birth to her foal. But when she finally did, they were surprised because Daisy gave birth to healthy twins.

Jenni and Guy had been looking forward to seeing the newest little addition to their farm. Several days after her due date, Daisy finally began to show signs of birthing. The proud owners decided to stay at her side, ready to assist her.

Daisy gave birth to a gorgeous foal within only a few hours. Jenni and Guy noticed that it was quite large for a baby horse. Nevertheless, they marveled at how beautiful the foal was.

Daisy then started to deliver the afterbirth. Jenni and Guy later stared in astonishment. As the owners looked over, they couldn’t believe that Daisy was giving birth to a second foal.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


Jenni and Guy didn't expect that their horse was carrying twins during that time. Twins are extremely rare for horses. One of the foals typically dies during or before birth.

The owners breathed a sigh of relief because their efforts paid off. The second foal took its first breath and was able to stand up all by himself minutes later.

The twins are now both healthy horses. Meanwhile, Daisy has fully recovered from giving birth to them, Uplifting Today reported.

“They now spend every day out all day and stay side by side only going to mom for a drink but spending most of their days grazing together and meeting the new foals as much as the new mom would allow,” Jenni said, as reported by Little Things.

She added that the twins are both "very happy little souls" and that they have brought them happiness over the last few months.

"We consider them our miracle after a tough couple of years and they will never be for sale," Jenni continued.

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