'American Idol' country singer star mourns the tragic loss of a family member who was shot dead

It is never easy to deal with death, especially when it comes to loved ones. It seems that their presence tends to linger even though they are no longer around.

That was exactly what happened to Trent Harmon on March 15, 2018. It was early in the morning, and he and his band had the day off. When his phone buzzed, a text message left him speechless.

His cousin, Nancy, had been shot earlier. This left the musician in a state of shock as he remembered the last time that they were together, as reported by Rare Country.

Harmon, who rose to fame after becoming the winner of the talent show American Idol, in 2016, took to his Instagram page to let his fans and followers know of the tragedy.

He shared that he was on his way to make a cup of coffee when he received the news. He went on to remember Nancy for the person that she was and that he knew.

According to the source, Harmon described his cousin as a very jolly, out-going and overall positive person who had always been there for him. He added that she was one of his greater supporters.

The 27-year-old reminisced about the last time that he had seen her. Nancy had gone to one of his shows and stood among the crowd cheering him on while he played on stage,

They shared a hug after the show and she congratulated him on being able to follow his dreams and for all of his accomplishment. Little did he know that he would never see his cousin again.

As reported by Rare Country, Nancy was always promoting the country singer's work, tours, and projects. In the wake of his loss, Harmon left a piece of advice for his fans: to tell their loved ones that they loved them and to support them every step of the way.

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