Melania Trump starts falling in her boots, but President Trump catches her

The First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, stumbled outside the White House while boarding a plane, but President Trump caught her. 

The first couple was flying to Manchester, New Hampshire, on March 19, 2018. Unfortunately for Melania, photographer Jim Watson was there to document her faux pas. 

As reported by Inquisitr, she tripped on the South Lawn of the White House while wearing tan boots. As she stumbled, President Trump steadied her with his left arm.

Melania can be heard gasping while she trips, but Trump grabbed her by her waist. She wrapped her arm around him as they approached the plane. 

Melania was dressed in a long blue coat for the flight. She also wore her signature style sunglasses, and her hair was left loose to cascade over her shoulders. 

The pair departed from the White House in Marine One at 12:10 pm and arrived at the Joint Base Andrews Airforce Base at 12:22 pm, according to official reports. 

Reporters had questions for Trump and wanted to know if he was going to fire attorney Robert Mueller in an effort to halt the Russia investigation. 

According to Inquisitr, Trump 'mouthed something that the journalist could not understand,' and didn't address the issue again. This follows after Trump tweeted about Mueller on March 17, 2018. 

As reported by Vox, he said that 'the Mueller probe should never have been started,' and referred to the investigation as 'a total witch hunt with massive conflicts of interest.' 

His lawyer, John Dowd, corroborated his sentiments, and told Daily Beast on March 17, 2018, that the Russia Collusion investigation must be brought to an end. 

Whether this is a PR strategy meant to discredit Mueller remains to be seen. Andrew Prokop from Vox also reminded readers that Trump 'tried to push Mueller out' in June 2017. 

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