Tragedy: 12-year-old boy hung himself in his father’s garage after months of bullying

A young boy goes to the extreme and takes his own life after he can no longer deal with the bullies in his life.

12-year-old Andy, the son of Cheryl Hudson of Mississippi, committed suicide by hanging himself after being a constant victim of bullying, as per a report from Liftable.

The source wrote that those who had been bullying the young boy had been calling him names and threatening to attack him physically. Hudson further claimed that when they confronted the school about the issue, they chose to do nothing.

“The school that he went to has got an abundance of bullying in that school. The kids can’t even go to the bathroom without fear,” the source quoted Hudson as disclosing.

So after several months of putting up with the bullies and endure the humiliating feeling of bullying, Andy took his own life in his father's garage.

"He hung himself," the saddened mother explained. She revealed that Andy was discovered dead by her other 15-year-old son. They also found several notes with him, which revealed that the young boy had been thinking about committing a suicide for a while.

The family has now at least decided to start something positive out of this. They have decided to campaign against bullying so that other children would not have to go through the ordeal that their young child did.

Hudson even took to Facebook to post a tragic photo of her son's coffin on the day of his funeral. Along with the photo, she sent out a message hoping that every bully would know the grave consequences of their 'cruel actions.'

The mother expressed her determination that she would make Andy's voice heard and that his death would not go in vain.

A survey from discovered that nearly 28 percent of children between the grades 6-12 admitted that they had been the victims of bullying. 30 percent children have accepted that they have bullied others.

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