Married couple buy a new house next to a gay couple. They are facing a cheerful 'problem'

When people move to a new place, the last thing they want is having problematic neighbors. 

A couple shared their experience of what happened to them when they bought a new home on Tumblr and the story is so hilarious that it became viral in no time. They started pointing out that their two new neighbors where two ‘delightful’ gentlemen.

According to Rear Front, they added that the only problem was that they wouldn’t stop being nice to them. They listed just a few of the things ‘Mr. and Mr. Nice’ did for them. Including buying a seagull-proof refuse bag.

Apart from that, they loaned them garden tools when they didn’t have any yet and even invited them for Friday night drinks to meet other neighbors. 

One of them even gave her a handful of sweetpea flowers he picked from his garden earlier that day. Finally, she added that ‘Mr. Nice 1’ cut their hedge with his electric machine and all she had to do was hold the ladder.

While everybody would love to have such neighbors, she admitted to being ‘unsettled’ and that was about to enter into an ‘arms race of niceness’ to be the kindest one in the neighborhood.

After baking a lemon drizzle cake, she went to the house of the ‘nice’ family and gave it to them. They immediately invited her to have a slice, gave her coffee, a tour of their home, helped her bag up the hedge clippings, and even let her hold their puppy.

The woman desperately said that her neighbors were ‘niceness pros’ and that she couldn’t win. On a different day, they had an hour-long power cut and ‘Mr. Nice 2’ went to her house with matches and candles in case they didn’t have any.

The most surprising thing was that it was barely dark. They clearly win the ‘Niceness War’ because, in 2016, they moved out. Now that new people are living in the house next door, she is ready to become the ‘nice one’ this time.

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