Vets discover a heart shape during horn removal to deter poachers

Due to the fact that illegal poachers and traders are always terrorizing different animals in Africa, several measurements are being performed to deter their actions.

While black rhino’s horn has long been seen as a highly prized item in the black market, conservationists in South Africa took the initiative to remove their horns.

According to We Love Animals, a group of South African veterinarians removed one rhino’s horn to protect it from poachers but found an amazing treasure.

The same outlet explained that the group was stunned to discover a perfect heart carved on the base of the rhino's gigantic horn.

The rhino’s horn, which had been removed in a legal de-horning procedure, displayed a perfectly visible heart-shaped figure.

This outrageously rare finding exhibits a brilliantly dark black love heart right in the center of the base of this beige animal horn.

This magnificent animal was signed in a legal de-horning program, which was initiated and spread by Dr. William Fowlds.

The extremely delicate procedure took place at the Kragga Kamma Game Park, which is located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The group's aim is to protect these animals from poachers by removing the horn, expecting that hunters will be unmotivated to kill them, due to the lack of financial incentive.

56-year-old photographer Luc Hosten took multiple pictures of the rhino’s horn and de-horning process. The pictures speak for themselves.

“It is sad that we have to de-horn rhinos to protect what we love from unscrupulous poachers. We love our rhinos, but to save them we have to maim them,” Luc Hosten said.

All the rhinos in the park were successfully de-horned during the event and became active soon afterwards with no injuries.

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