Selena Gomez reveals leg scar from complications during her kidney transplant

Selena Gomez is in Sydney due to the Hillsong Church's Colour Conference, a festival which her former beau Justin Bieber used to attend annually. 

The newly-single 'Wolves' singer however chose to attend the event this year, traveling to Australia earlier to enjoy a quick vacation with her friends. 

Gomez was surrounded by her friends last Monday as they boarded a ship, going swimming in one of Australia's many beaches. 

Selena was particularly affectionate to one of her female friends however, playfully mounting her and giggling as the two women shared a cuddle. 

The 25-year-old Texan native was proud of her figure as she donned an orange two-piece bikini. This bikini revealed her scar on her inner right thigh, which she obtained during a second emergency procedure which came after her kidney transplant in 2017. 

She paired her orange bikini top with plain black bottoms, and spent the entire day with her friends on the yacht. 

Her former on-and-off long-time boyfriend Justin Bieber was nowhere to be found during her quick trip, as he was spotted in Los Angeles with his own friends. 

There has been no news as to whether or not the pop superstar will be attending the Hillsong Church event which he usually attends every year. 

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