Prince William proudly knights another legendary member of 'The Beatles'

Meeting the Royal Family is a great honor, but it is only reserved for a selected group of people. Throughout the years, several celebrities have knelt in front of Queen Elizabeth II.

This time, the honor was given to Ringo Starr, the former Beatles drummer, who was invited and knighted by Prince William on March 20, 2018, at Buckingham Palace.

The musician was granted the title of 'Sir' for his services in the music industry. It was a very special and unique moment for Starr, who could barely believe what was happening, as reported by Closer Weekly.

41 years ago, Starr witnessed his bandmate, Paul McCartney, be knighted by the Queen of England at the exact same place, but he certainly wouldn't imagine that one day he would be the focal point of the ceremony.

The 77-year-old felt the touch of the blade, held by the Duke of Cambridge, on his shoulders, and confessed that receiving the knighthood medal from the royal's hands gave his career a whole new meaning.

According to the source, when asked what he would do with the knighthood medal, the former Beatle jokingly said that he would be 'wearing it for breakfast,' all while smiling from ear to ear.

As reported by Closer Weekly, the British drummer joined a long list of personalities who, for one reason or the other, were knighted by a member of the Royal Family. The names of Elton John, Ian McKellen, Sean Connery and Patrick Stewart can be found in that list.

But the honor isn't just granted to men; while the gentlemen receive the title of 'Sir,' the ladies adopt the title of 'Dame.' Although it might not be common knowledge, the fact is that Helen Mirren, Angelina Joline, Maggie Smith and Elizabeth Taylor, among others, are considered to be Dames.

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