Sorting the sinners from the saints at Heaven's Gates

Knocking on Heaven's Gates

There is a tourist bus accident and several vacationing elderly couples are killed.

One by one, the couples approach St Peter at the gates to Heaven, who lets some people in and sends some away.

A man steps forward and St. Peter says: " You were a drunk all your life, so much so that you married a woman called Sherry. Off to Hell you go!"

Source: PIxnio

Source: PIxnio

Another couple approaches the Pearly Gates and St. Peter says to the man: "You were rich, and a miser all your life and never gave to those in need. So much so that you married a woman called Penny, so off to Hell you go!"

Hearing this, the man behind the miser says to his wife: "Well, I guess that settles it it for us too, Fanny..."

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