Woman saw texts on her daughter’s phone. The only correct solution was to call the police

The 19-year-old Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda attempted to kill an 11-month-old baby. Her mother reported the crime to the police.

Rodriguez-Miranda texted her boyfriend after she crushed painkillers and added the powder to a bottle of breast milk. She pleaded guilty to attempted murder. 

As reported by American Web Media, Rodriguez-Miranda's mother saw the text. She also noted that there was a green substance in one of the bottles.

The baby was rushed to the hospital to be evaluated. Thankfully, tests confirmed that the baby was healthy, and was not yet given the contaminated breast milk. 

Investigators learned the Rodriguez-Miranda was jealous when her brother, his fiance and their 11-month old baby moved in with her and her mother. 

What started out as jealousy turned to attempted murder when she heard that her mother promise the young family they could stay longer than initially planned. 

Rodriguez-Miranda then told her boyfriend via text message that she crushed the tablet into a fine powder, thinking it would be undetected when mixed with breast milk. 

'Idk [sic] they were laying on the counter in front of everyone so I couldn’t check what they were. And I’m honestly not worried about getting caught. They’re not gonna [sic] suspect me.'

A text Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda sent to her boyfriend, AWM, March 16, 2018. 

She also asked him to research the exact amount of milligrams of acetaminophen needed to kill an infant.

Forensic reports confirmed that the breast milk had the equivalent of 9 Excedrin pills, 'enough to kill an adult.' Rodriguez-Miranda felt no guilt whatsoever. 

When she suspected that her mother informed the cops, the teenager fled to Michigan but was arrested and extradited to Indiana where she is awaiting trial. 

Rodriguez-Miranda's case has been postponed until May 18, 2018. She is currently being held in Indiana without the possibility of bail. 

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