Gang member had to kill a random person for initiation. And he chose his friend

A gang initiation led to a near-death experience.

At 17, Ross Capicchioni was shot and severely wounded as part of gang initiation, as reported by Goodfullness.

Someone who was seeking to become a member of the gang drove him to a secluded spot and then shot him in the arm, chest and head.

Ross thought this person was a friend. They have known each other for ten years. But the culprit even stole his car after shooting him and leaving him for dead.

But Ross was a fighter. He walked to save his life. Thankfully, he ran into a probation officer, who quickly sprang into action. The officer saved his life.

"I felt his hand on my back like, 'Hey man, you're fine. Don't, don't close your eyes. The ambulance is coming, they're coming,'" Ross recalled.

Before the attack, the culprit asked Ross to go with him to his cousin's house on the east side of Detroit.

Ross knew that it wasn't a good idea, as east side of Detroit has a negative reputation when it comes to peace and security.

But he eventually agreed. "I get that eerie feeling, like you're in a bad spot," he recounted.

When they arrived, Ross's worst nightmare happened. The moment he stepped off the car, his so-called friend shot him. "Did you shoot me?" he asked in shock. Then came a second shot. He got hit in the chest.

He fell over and then felt the barrel of the gun against his head. He was also shot in the head. The culprit also hit him in the face with the butt of the weapon.

Afterward, his attacker took his car keys and sped off, leaving him to die. Thankfully, authorities were able to arrest the suspect. This happened because he bragged about the shooting to someone, who then contacted authorities.

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