Heartbreaking photo shows smile of dying boy who fought cancer long enough to meet baby sister

The nine-year-old proved that he was brave and cheerful even during terrible times.

Good Inside Us reported that that young Bailey Cooper held on to his life to meet his baby sister.

Bailey was like any other nine-year-old until one day when the doctors announced he had Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2016.

The little boy had to go through chemotherapy sessions and a number of doctor visits. However, he remained positive and cheerful throughout the ordeal.

The cancer went into remission in February 2017 and the boy went back to school. Over Easter break, the family was told that the cancer had returned.

This time too, Bailey fought gallantly and the cancer went back into remission once again. In August, the family was devastated when they found out that the cancer had returned and this time the prognosis was grim.

It was late Stage Four and it was even worse because it was aggressive, according to his father, Lee. The cancer spread quickly and doctors found lumps in the young boy’s chest, lungs, liver, and stomach. They only gave him a few weeks to live.

Bailey was devastated but was also determined to live to meet his baby sister, who was due in a few months. The family held on to hope and prayed that he would make it that long.

The little one proved to be a fighter once again. He and his family welcomed his newborn sister in his arms and he chose her name too. He named her Millie and did everything an older brother would do.

Unfortunately, once Millie was born, Bailey began to lose his strength. His body grew weaker and now the family hoped they would be able to celebrate Christmas together.

Lee and Rachel, Bailey’s parents encouraged him to make a list of the gifts he wanted. He again showed the same selflessness he had throughout his battle.

He asked for presents that he knew his younger brother, Riley, would want. 

Eventually, the cancer spread to his brain and he had to endure five painful days of radiotherapy. But the boy told his family he knew it was his time to go.

He said, “I want to stay but it’s my time to go, to become her guardian angel.”

Bailey became unresponsive as the cancer progressed. By 11:45 a.m. on Christmas Eve, the family knew it was going to end soon. They told him, “It’s time to go Bailey. Stop.”

A single tear slipped out of his eye, he took his final breath and passed away peacefully.

The family said they were numb but also happy for him as he is no longer in pain. They want to follow the wishes of their son who told them that they could only cry for 20 minutes, as they had to take care of Riley and Millie. 

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