Waitress writes must-see note to breastfeeding mother on restaurant receipt

People who have welcomed children confessed that it is one of the best feelings in the world. They admit that it is a very hard task, though.

Jackie Johnson-Smith knows it firsthand as she has welcomed three children so far. Since she is the kind of mother who prefers to breastfeed their babies, she is used to doing it everywhere and whenever the baby needs it.

As FaithTap reported, she has done it so many times that she managed to learn when people feel disturbed by that natural action and when they are okay with it.

On a normal day, Johnson-Smith and her husband went to a new pizza restaurant near their home. They took their three children – including the baby – with them and, at one point of the outing, the youngest one felt hungry.

Source: Flickr/Alan Light

Source: Flickr/Alan Light

As she would normally do in any other situation, she began nursing him. Everything went normal and she didn’t feel any bad sights or any negative comments.

A couple of minutes later, the baby started crying very loud and, despite the fact that any costumer seemed to be bothered, she realized it was a bit disturbing for the rest of the people in the restaurant.

She decided to get out of the store and wait there for her husband to pay the check. As soon as he got to where she was, he told her what the waitress, Bodi, had done for them.

He said that when he got the bill, there was a short sentence hand-written by Bodi herself that read: "I bought one of your pizzas. Please thank your wife for breastfeeding!"

Johnson-Smith admitted that she was speechless and emotional. She added that even though she didn’t need a pat on the back for feeding her baby, it felt ‘amazing.’

She pointed out that every single negative word she received in the past for breastfeeding in public places were erased thanks to Bodi’s kind action. Finally, she highlighted how good women can make each other feel with a simple gesture.

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