Mariska Hargitay discloses a special key to her lasting marriage with Peter Hermann

Long-lasting marriages in Hollywood are very hard to find. There a few couples who have managed to be together for quite a long time, though.

Mariska Hargitay and her husband, Peter Hermann, have been married for 13 years and everyone wants to know their secret. During an interview they had with ET Online, they revealed the keys to their romance.

Hermann pointed out that it was nothing that people don’t know already and even labeled it as ‘fundamental’ for a relationship. He revealed the kindness, the ability to listen each other, and to be able to fight fair were part of those aspects.

Hargitay took her time to joke about it saying that he knew that she’s always right, something that Hermann agreed with.

The couple first met in 2002 in the set of Law & Order: SVU, when Hermann portrayed Trevor Langan. Two years later, in 2004, they got married and in 2006, they welcomed their first son, August Miklos Friedrich Hermann.

After a while, they decided that just one child was not enough and adopted two more in 2011, Amaya Josephine and Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann.

In the interview, they were asked if their children get to see their shows. Clearly surprised by the question, Hermann said that they only read the children’s book they were promoting: If the S in Moose Comes Loose.

Hargitay chimed in admitting that they would only watch SVU when they are 40 years old. Hermann, the author of the book, confessed he started writing it when August was way younger.

The couple also shared that the look on the children’s face when they read their names printed in the book’s dedication was a very special moment.

She finished saying that their children were a huge inspiration for his imagination and that many things they said were included in the book, which made everything even more special for them.

Nowadays, Hargitay is still working on SVU and Hermann is one of the main characters of Younger.
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