Beloved Hollywood star Tom Selleck's numerous indications of health conditions he experiences

The American actor is one of the most beloved performers in Hollywood, but he might be facing some complicated health problems.

Tom Selleck is popularly known for starring as a private investigator in the television series, Magnum, appearing in more than 50 films and television series throughout the years.

According to Fabiosa, although he has always been the epitome of health and vigor, he's now the protagonist of some health rumors.

There are rumors indicating that Selleck is probably going through some health challenges, with his condition deteriorating rapidly.

Some sources are even speculating that this complicated condition could lead to the cancellation of his show before its 7th edition.

Some of his friends and colleagues are claiming that while on the set of his hit TV show Blue Bloods, the actor is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis on a daily basis.

One of his co-stars even talked about his condition during an interview. The anonymous source claimed that he can no longer be an action star.

“Tom’s days as the car-jumping-scuba-diving-action star are a thing of the past,” the anonymous source claimed.

And while none of this is yet confirmed, there are reports that some of his family members revealed more data about Selleck's health condition.

It seems that some of his family members are truly worried about the fact that the drugs he takes for his arthritis could be causing him to slowly go blind, as they include steroid-like drugs.

While these are not confirmed facts yet, it is definitely a cause of prayer, and many of his fans are already praying for this veteran actor.

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