March 24, 2018

Bus driver buys hats and gloves for children in need on his route

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Although most people will make their best effort to be good workers, this bus driver went the extra mile only to help a child in true need.

Really cold temperatures can be disastrous for kids who have to wait for the school bus every single day, and not every child has parents that could pay for expensive winter apparel.

This was exactly the case for one little boy’s family, as they were struggling to get by, as he had to wait for the school bus without gloves on.

According to Goodfullness, bus driver John Lunceford was making his usual morning route when he spotted a young boy shivering at the bus stop ahead.


When the little boy climbed aboard, the sweet relief of the heat made the pain in his fingers too much to bear, and Lunceford had to do something about it.

After looking in the rearview and noticing the boy was quietly crying, he asked him what was wrong at another stop and got shocked after the child showed him his frozen hands.

The driver immediately took his own gloves off and put them on the boy's hand. He also tried to calm him, as the boy was in pain.


“I put my gloves on him and told him it’ll be okay, it’ll be okay,” Lunceford said.

The U.S. Army veteran, who's now in his third year driving buses for the Kennewick School District in Washington, couldn’t shake the image of the shivering student.

After dropping his students off at school, he took the bus to an unusual stop at the dollar store only to buy 10 stocking hats and 10 sets of gloves.

He immediately went back to the school and, with an administrator's help, found the little boy to give him one of the hats and a set of gloves.


The driver even told all the children in the school's library that if they found themselves on his bus in need of a hat or gloves, he’d take care of them.

“I’m a grandfather, you know. No one wants a kid to suffer like that,” he said.

Winter has been colder than usual in the south of Washington state, as temperatures in the region, including Kennewick, have dropped into the twenties.