OJ Simpson's best friend Tim Scotto is dead, reports say

Dealing with death has never been easy, and it is unlikely that that will ever change. But losing someone can cause so much more than pain: it can cause anger.

Orenthal James Simpson's name and face became internationally famous after he was accused of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown, and Ronald Goldman on June 12, 1994.

He was always known for having a bad temper, and some of his friends are now concerned that he might go over the edge after learning that Tom Scotto, his longtime defender, has died, as reported by the Radar Online.

Scotto was O.J.'s confidante, and he was there for the former athlete when he most needed him to. Nine days before passing away, Scotto announced that he had been transferred out of the intensive care unit.

But, although his health wasn't considered to be at risk anymore, the 56-year-old's condition took a turn for the worse. It was at that time that he decided to sign a 'do not resuscitate' order.

According to the source, Charlie Figueroa, an investigator who works for the Collier County Medical Examiner’s Office in Naples, was the one confirming that Scotto had died.

It was revealed by Maria Scotto, his ex-wife, that he had pneumonia, along with some other unspecified complications that, when combined, hindered his body from healing.

As reported by the Radar Online, Scotto and O.J. weren't in the best of terms at the time of his death. Their friendship took a huge blow when Scotto found out that the former football star had slept with his second wife just before their wedding in 2007.

The shocking discovery led to a divorce and Scotto just couldn't deal with the fact that O.J. had been his best man at the wedding knowing very well what he had done the night before.

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