Megan Fox shares a photo of her mom in her younger years. The two have striking similarities

Mar 23, 2018
07:21 A.M.
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Beautiful actress Megan Fox recently shared a throwback picture of parents. Now we know where she gets her good looks from!


Amomama shares to you details of the striking resemblance seen between Megan Fox and her Mum as seen on her Instagram page.


Actress Megan Fox has a striking beauty and although she might have a strict beauty regimen, we just discovered that her gorgeous features were gotten from her Mum.

On Thursday, March 15, the-34-year-old took to her Instagram in the spirit of Throwback Thursday to share old pictures of her mom and dad.

In what seemed like a Christmas themed picture the lovely parents of Megan were seen standing side by side with her father’s hand holding her in at the small of her waist as they smiled for the camera.

The eye-catching part of the photography was the uncanny resemblance between Fox and her young mother as at then.


One would easily mistake her Mum for herself as a fan fell into the trap.

@canocog commented:

‘Thought for one second that Megan is that on the picture….her Mum is her twin who agrees?

Several fans finally came to the understanding of Megan’s striking beauty as one commented saying:

‘They’re looking great. Pretty Mum and good looking dad and put some of love. Together you’ve got a fabulous Megan Fox.’

Even though are Mum was the topic of discussion, her dad wasn’t left out as many seemed to think he was Mark Ruffalo.


Megan sure won the genetic lottery with her parents.

The post garnered over 135,000 likes from her 6.3 million followers.

This comes after Megan shared a fierce picture of herself in a lacy crimson in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.

Currently, the Transformers actress is fixing her relationship with her husband Austin Greene.

Fox filed for divorce in 2015 citing irreconcilable differences but they discovered they were having a child that same year and so reconciled the following year.

The couple is currently passing through a recovery period as her husband Austin disclosed that they’re taking their marriage one day at a time.

We hope Austin is able to work out his marriage to this Foxxy actress.