Moving plea of 'Property Brothers' celebrity Jonathan Scott after many days of silence

Even though celebrities are used to reading comments in pretty much every post they do, some of them are more likely to defend themselves from the bullies than others.

Property Brother star Jonathan Scott is one of the former. After losing his patience by the fact that many people used his social media to spread hateful messages, he recorded a video sharing his feelings.

Everything started when he made a statement supporting Women’s March in January 2017. After reading several bad comments on it, he decided to do something about it.

The video, which was posted on his Facebook page on January 21, 2017, showed him asking those cyberbullies to think back to when their parents taught them not to say anything when they have nothing positive to say.

Later, he pointed out that there were many supportive comments but that his words were addressed for those who did nothing but write negative comments.

He set clear that his social media pages were not the place for hate but for all who like to inspire each other and build each other up. Scott added that there was no need to ‘tear us apart’ or to attack other fans.

Apart from that, he let the bullies know that several children are in contact with his posts, which means that every negative message they write is read by an innocent child who’s got nothing to do with their hateful personalities.

‘We will never all agree on everything, but we should always be willing to look and see if someone’s heart is in the right place.’

Jonathan Scott, Facebook, January 21, 2017.

Scott’s intention with his post about Women’s March was to convey his beliefs in human rights, equality and kindness, and to describe the inspiration he felt by seeing women, all over the world, come together to express their peaceful passions for justice.

While not too many celebrities are willing to do a similar video, it is clear that most of them would like their fans to be nice to each other, just as Scott’s requested.

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