'He exploited them as commodities.' Dr gets 45 years in prison after scamming cancer patients

The 53-year-old oncologist, Farid Fata, was the mastermind behind one of the largest health care frauds in the States. 

His fraudulent scheme was exposed in 2013. It came to light that Fata prescribed cancer treatments to patients who didn't need it. Some weren't even diagnosed with cancer. 

As reported by Healthy Holistic Living, He made millions of dollars through his fraudulent practices but also risked his patients' lives by giving them radiation and chemotherapy when they didn't need.

He pleaded guilty to more than 13 health care fraud charges, and U.S Attorney Barbara McQuade said: "he gave poison to these people not to keep them alive but to make money." 

In September 2015, U.S District Court Judge Pual Borman ordered him to forfeit $17,600,000. The court heard that Fata prescribed cancer treatment to 553 patients. 

He scammed medical insurance companies out of more than $34,000,000, and admitted that his "sins are many, I failed [my patients.]"

“I have violated the Hippocratic oath and violated the trust of my patients. I do not know how I can heal the wound. I do not know how to express the sorrow and the shame.”

Farid Fata, Healthy Holistic Living.  

The court found him guilty of not viewing his patients as people, but as 'profit centers.' His patients who attended his sentencing wore bright orange clothing. 

It was to symbolize the last day that Fata would see sunlight. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison. Not only did he defraud insurance companies, but he also risked his patients' life. 

The death of his once-healthy patients was on his hands, and the Judge added that the doctor "greedily cared more about his financial well-being." 

Patients read their statements in court, saying they trusted Dr. Fata with their lives and he took full advantage of their trust to enrich himself. He used their fear of death against them. 

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