Man satisfied his wife for 20 minutes. Then went to bathroom, saw his wife was there all the time

Mar 28, 2018
09:11 A.M.

This story is to die for.


This man was standing in a crowded bar when a stranger comes in. After a while, they start talking and around 10:30 p.m. the second man had to leave.

"Well, it's better for me to get back home. My wife doesn't like me being outside during the night," he said.

The first one looked surprised by this and wanted to help, as he was a young man and he could use some of the first man's wisdom.

"I'll help you with that. Just do what I say. Go home. Get in your room. Pull the bedsheets, get between her legs and then lick, lick, and lick for 20 minutes. There will be no complaints after that," he said.

The young man really thought about it and decided to try it. They continued to drink for two more hours before the man went home.


When he arrived, everything was in complete darkness. He went into his room, pulled the bedsheets and spent 20 minutes licking.

The bed was a disaster, almost like a swamp, after all that licking and he decided to wash his face. He thought the advice worked.

When he entered the bathroom, he was completely surprised as he found her wife sitting right there in the bathroom.

Al verla gritó: "¿Qué diablos estás haciendo aquí?". "¡Silencio!", exclamó. "Vas a despertar a mi madre".

When he saw her, he almost screamed: "What the Hell are you doing here?" and his wife just told him: "Silence! You're going to wake my mother up!"

Laughter is the most proficient medicine, as a good laugh chases away sadness and depression. We all need a smile from time to time!

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