Ami Brown was spotted in a wheelchair again after miracle recovery from stage 4 cancer

At the end of 2017, the Alaskan Bush People matriarch Ami Brown revealed she was cured of stage 4 lung cancer. She had completed her chemo treatment and been declared to be in remission, news that was well received by her fans. Now Radar reports that Ami was spotted in a wheelchair, and this makes us wonder whether the cancer is back.

An insider reportedly saw Ami being wheeled around on March 15 and not looking so healthy.

“She didn’t really talk. She looked pretty thin.”

In January, People revealed that Ami was in remission and she even shared scans showing that the cancer was completely wiped. She even said that; “God really does perform miracles.”Ami went on to say that illness had left her weighing in at a frail 77lbs, but she was now eating regularly and had gained back 23lbs.

Followers of the family know that the illness uprooted the family from their native Alaska to Los Angeles for Ami’s treatment. They then moved to a lakeside home in Seattle for Ami’s recovery.

Do you think the cancer is back? Let us know in comments.

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