Savannah Chrisley shares a throwback picture of herself sporting a different haircut

The blonde beauty made a surprise admission about what she truly felt about her long hair. 

Savannah Chrisley has been sporting long hair for quite some time now and while she totally rocks it, she recently admitted it “just hasn’t been ‘Me’.”

A few days ago, the blonde reality star bid her long locks goodbye with a lengthy message on Instagram relaying her sentiments about not feeling like herself when she sported the bombshell hairstyle.

Posting a photo of herself glowing with her glorious long hair, she first acknowledged her stylist Chrissy Rasmussen for her “amazing magic” and her photographer Tyson French for being a “GENIUS behind the camera” before thanking them “for being YOU!”

Then she candidly admitted what she really felt with her long hair in an emotional message about self-realization.

“But to be honest guys the long hair just hasn’t been “ME”. What I mean by that is...I’ve been going through a very self conscious phase of life and thought that I had to be just like the “instagram bombshell” in order to be accepted and found attractive by people.”

She added that she became a victim of the dictates of the world and found herself living up to its standards instead of her own.

“We live in a world where people are always looking for the next best thing so I wanted to try and be that next best thing. I became a follower at that point and not a leader...and that’s not who I am.”

Resolved to be herself from now on, she told her followers that she was “ditching the long locks and going back to where I feel like the TRUE ME…and where I feel most comfortable and confident.”

She also encouraged her fans to do the same and be themselves.

“I encourage all of you to do one thing...BE YOU!! Do what makes YOU feel most confident! Because at the end of the day...comparison is the thief of all joy! You are beautiful just the way you are so please just stay true to YOU!!”

Her post received tons of appreciation and support for her honesty. Many agreed with her sentiments and thanked her for saying what most of them were thinking and making them realize they’re not alone.

Fans also affirmed her decision to keep her hair short, saying they liked her that way too.

It’s no surprise that Savannah has 1.5 million followers on her Instagram.  As one fan wrote, she has she’s “beautiful inside and out” and that’s what clearly defines her.

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