Miley Cyrus' boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, 28, shows off washboard abs during recent appearance

Liam Hemsworth is spotted in public with his brother showing off his well-built body without any reservation.

AmoMama brings you the details of the brothers’ recent outing as they took time out of their ever-growing schedule to hit the waves according to a post by Radar Online on March 22, 2018.

The Hemsworth brothers are known for juggling their incredibly successful acting careers but on Wednesday last week, two of the famous brothers took a break from their busy lives to have some fun.

37-year-old Luke and 28-year-old Liam chose to ignore the heavy rain and hit the waves in Malibu for a little surfing session. Meeting up without their 34-year-old brother, Chris, the well-built siblings parked by the beach and unloaded their surfboards.

Donning a black scuba wetsuit in anticipation of the cold weather, Liam was seen looking very sexy as the suit showed off his well-toned abs and long legs. The ‘Hunger Games’ actor looked unbothered as he walked down the beach with a surfboard under one arm.

Liam who has been in a relationship with Miley Cyrus for a few years, is often seen surfing on the beach near their shared home. The couple, who seem to be growing stronger, are suspected of being secretly married.

The suspicion became more intriguing after Miley named her hit song and album after their undying love affair. Not one to reply to rumors, the couple is often seen walking the streets of Malibu together, with no worries at all.

But being in a great relationship doesn’t stop the Hemsworth brothers from catching up in between acting projects.

According to Luke, the brothers share a very intimate bond and they used to get very physical when they played as kids:

‘We were never really intentionally hurting each other but our games would be physical and usually involve swords and pieces of wood.’

Their fame has done nothing to change their relationship as they often take to social media to mock each other.  Back in August 2017, Liam had shared a funny happy 34th birthday message for Chris on Instagram calling him a ‘massive jerk.’

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