Texas teen reportedly had hot cooking oil poured on her after she refused arranged marriage

Parents are supposed to protect their children, but in a shocking case, the opposite proved to be true. Her parents severely abused her for refusing to marry. 

The 16-year-old teenager, Maarib Al Hishmawi, ran away from home after her parents had beaten her with a broomstick, choked her, and poured boiling oil out over her body. 

As reported by Fox News, her only crime was refusing to marry. Her parents had set up an arranged marriage with a man from a neighboring town in exchange for $20,000.

The family, who lives in Bexar County, have been charged with abuse. Al Hishmawi ran away from home and was reported as missing on January 30, 2018. 

She was last seen at the Taft High School in Bexar County and was found by police in March. An organization rescued her from the streets and was caring for her. 

Officer Javier Salazar said the teenager was 'subjected to some pretty bad abuse' by her parents, 34-year-old Abdulah Fahmi Al Hishmawi and 33-year-old Saha Al Hishmawi. 

They have since been released on bail of $30,000. KSAT reported that the 16-year-old is in protective custody along with her five siblings aged five to fifteen. 

"We don't know if those other siblings are victims of any abuse, but certainly, the circumstances involving this case did cause some concern for those other siblings."

Sheriff Javier Salazar,  Facebook, March 23, 2018. 

Sheriff Salazar explained the abuse was ongoing and the only way for the teenager to stop the violence, was to agree to the arranged marriage. 

However, she couldn't go through with it and ran away from school. The FBI is also involved in the case, and it 'is highly likely' that her husband-to-be will also be charged. 

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