Demi Moore has just announced big news about her future 'bikini business'

People often hear that they should do what they are good at, not what they love.

In Demi Moore’s case, she is doing something she is good at and she loves. The Charlie’s Angel star announced that she just dived into the bikini business. While it might be a surprise for some, others admit they expected it.

Daily Mail reported that, since Moore has posed several times showing her age-defying body wearing bikinis, it was obvious that she would try to get in that business sooner rather than later.

Among all the swimwear companies in the world, she chose to work with Andie Swim and a couple of small businesses to help the brand to expand their company and customer experience.

One of the most interesting facts about Andie Swim is that it was founded in 2017 by Melanie Travis and that Moore felt attracted to it because of its approach of putting women at the forefront.

‘Shopping for a swimsuit can be stressful and time-consuming for so many women, but Andie makes finding the perfect swimsuit an incredibly simple, easy and comfortable experience.’

Demi Moore, Daily Mail, March 23, 2018.

The company has opted for an unconventional way of selling as they give women a 30-day trial period wherein they can try as many pieces of the swimsuits at home as they want and they can return and exchange them unlimitedly.

Moore added that the investors they partnered with understood the idea so good that the swimwear first right, wears right, and it is easy to buy. Another investor, Greg Kiernan, chimed in, as well.

He pointed out that the investment checked their three key-criteria: concept, management, and value. Apart from that, he explained that his three adult daughters used to spend a lot of time when they wanted to buy a quality bathing suit.

After reviewing Andie Swim’s website, they didn’t struggle that much, which meant that Kiernan knew it was the right company to put his money in.

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