News anchor reports a fatal car crash. Suddenly, she realizes it was her husband

Learning that a loved one passed away is one of the worst feelings a person might experience. That’s exactly what happened to a news anchor while reporting live on air.

On a regular day, Supreet Kaur was reading some breaking news about a fatal car crash that took the life of three people and left other two severely injured. As she was getting further into the details of the incident, things got scary.

According to Good Fullness, the route where the accident took place, the timing, and even the car where one of the victims was were just too familiar. When the blurry images of the bodies showed up on the screen, she noticed her husband’s SUV.

In a very professional way, Kaur finished the segment and, a couple of seconds after she went off the air, she broke down in tears as her husband had died in the crash. She later confirmed that he was indeed dead.

The couple had been married for about 18 months and they didn’t have any children. An employee of IBC 24 TV channel pointed out that she controlled her anxiety in a very good way.

They added that she remained composed and showed exemplary commitment to her job and that, for that reason, everyone on the media was proud of her.

Even the chief minister of Chhattisgarh, the Indian state were the accident took place and where the TV channel is located, took to Twitter to share his words of condolence for Kaur’s husband, Harsad Kawade, passing.

“Salute Supreet’s strength in dealing with her husband’s demise with extraordinary bravery & professionalism. May departed soul rest in peace.”

Dr. Raman Singh, Good Fullness, March 22, 2018.

After that incident, Kaur, who has been working for the same channel for the last 9 years, is now considered one of the best and most professional TV anchors in India.
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