Mother finds two of her triplets dead in their bed after a million-to-one tragedy

Learning that a child died is one of the worst feelings any parent could experience. Sarah Owen, a mother from South Wales, found two of her triplets dead.

On September 23, 2017, Sarah called 999 and told them to go as soon as possible to her private rented home in Wildmill, Bridgend, South Wales, because two of her three children were unresponsive.

According to Metro, Noah and Charlie Owen were later pronounced dead at the Princess of Wales Hospital. The five-month-old babies were killed by a severe chest infection that their bodies couldn’t heal due to the fact that they were premature.

After a six-month-long investigation, the police came to the conclusion that they died of natural causes. Initially, they believed they died of carbon monoxide poisoning or cot death condition SIDS.

The coroner’s report revealed that Charlie died of bronchopneumonia – an infection of the lungs causing inflammation – and prematurity.

Noah, on the other hand, died of respiratory tract infection – an infection affecting the lungs, throat or airways – and prematurity.

One of the most shocking aspects of the deaths is that all three babies had visited the doctor the week before their passing and everything seemed to be okay.

The boys’ grandmother, Sally Boyd, pointed out that Sarah has gone through a lot. She added that the entire family has done its best to help her endure the sorrow. One of the things that have helped her is Ethan, the third triplet who managed to survive.

‘We are devastated at the loss of our two beautiful babies, who, along with their brother Ethan, lit up our world. Noah and Charlie were my life, heart and soul.’

Sarah Owen, Metro, March 22, 2018.

Sharing more details about the character of the babies, Sarah admitted they were very happy as they always had a smile for everyone and made everybody smile back. She finished saying that she loves them and that they will never be forgotten.

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