Celebrities whose hygiene habits are honestly revolting

Edduin Carvajal
Mar 26, 2018
03:36 P.M.
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When some people think of celebrities, they often believe that they are just perfect human beings whose hygiene habits are even better.


Shared revealed that it is not always true and even shared a list of 12 celebrities who should consider making a slight change in their lives for the sake of those surrounding them.

1. Brad Pitt

At the top of the list is Pitt, who confessed he doesn’t have enough time to take a shower and that he often replaces them with baby wipes. He admitted that taking care of his six children was the reason he didn’t shower regularly.

2. Miley Cyrus

Before getting back with Liam Hemsworth, she used to live in a house filled with dog poop and pee, old food, pizza boxes, takeout containers, and dirty dishes piled up.


3. Britney Spears

A man who used to work as her bodyguard reported that she smokes so many cigars a day that every time she speaks, the ‘atmosphere’ is filled with a tobacco-like scent that is very uncomfortable.

4. Zac Efron

Another Hollywood heartthrob who doesn’t shower on a daily basis. One of his former High School Music co-stars revealed that Efron was not a fan of taking showers not even after working out or playing basketball.


5. Megan Fox

Fox herself confessed to being ‘horrible to live with’ as she doesn’t clean, leaves her clothes wherever she takes them off, and, worse, she often forgets to flush the toilet.

6. Cameron Diaz

During an interview, Diaz admitted that she hasn’t worn deodorant or antiperspirant for more than 20 years as it is not healthy. According to her, the antiperspirant keeps all the ‘stink in.’


7. Jessica Simpson

While talking to Ellen DeGeneres on her show, Simpson revealed that she brushes her teeth around three times a week because they are very white and she doesn’t like to feel them slippery.

8. Jennifer Aniston

One of the best features of Aniston is her hair. Her secret is not washing it regularly regardless of whether she has worked out or not. She considers it is a ‘little product.’


9. Julia Roberts

Roberts, just as Diaz, doesn’t like to wear deodorant. She pointed out that it was not good for people’s bodies or for the environment. Apart from that, she admitted she doesn’t shower that often to ‘save water.’


10. Matthew McConaughey

Several people who have worked with him, including Kate Hudson, have admitted he just doesn’t smell good. Hudson even brought him deodorant to set and begged him to use it, but he refused.


11. Snooki

One of the products she uses to clean and exfoliate her face and body is kitty litter. She admitted that it must be a ‘clean litter’ and that it ‘can be, like, poo.’

12. Adele

She revealed that one of her worst habits was picking her nose. During an interview, she confessed that she sucked her child’s nose when he was a baby because he was very congested.