Prince George has a precious nickname for Queen Elizabeth II

The little boy has a sweet nickname for the most powerful woman in the world that only he could pull off. 

Prince George is lucky enough to be growing up knowing not only most of his grandparents, but even some of his great-grandparents. And while everyone else on the planet refers to his great-grandmother as "Your Majesty," little George has a different name for her. 

As reported by All Cute All The Time, the bond between children and their grandparents and great-grandparents is a particularly special one that only grows stronger as the children grow up. 

The young Prince George has apparently developed a wonderful bond with his great-grandmother, and loves her in a way only a small child knows how to. 

Even though he is just four years old, the 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth loves her little great-grandson a great deal, however much work he may be. 

George's parents, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, have shared that despite the over-excited energy their eldest child brings with him, he has his great-grandmother wrapped around his little finger, as he is a complete sweetheart with her. 

To anyone else, she is Queen Elizabeth, Her Majesty, or Her Royal Highness. Even the majority of her own grandchildren call her "grandmother." But Prince George, with those adorable chubby cheeks and angelic smile, gets away with calling her "Gan Gan!"

Prince George is set to become an older brother for the second time in April when his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, gives birth to her third child. 

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