Guy kills a spider. But accidentally unleashes a freaking nightmare

Fear of spiders is a real thing and there are many people who have them. 

Some people’s tendency when they see spiders is to either run away or kill them.

One man from Australia decided to kill a spider that was lurking in his home.

Shared revealed that the man grabbed a bug spray pointed the nozzle at the spider and sprayed the chemical.

Eventually, the spider died. Although, what had taken aback the man was the unusual thing that came out of the spider.

As it turned out, it wasn’t the spider that was going to freak him out but the thing that was inside it all along.

In the video that became viral, a strange coil came out of the spider and slowly started to move.

Soon enough it unraveled itself and it looked to be more than a feet long.

Eventually, the man threw in a couple more sprays to stop the weird, coiled, worm-like parasite from moving.

Many social media users took the time to share the video and some decided to comment down their thoughts on what the strange object was.

While some said it was some sort of parasite, there were others who suggested it was probably a piece of pasta that reacted to the chemicals in the bug spray.

Other users said they had seen enough weird stuff on the internet and said they had to call it a day.

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