Meghan Markle reportedly 'depressed' nearing new life. Prince Harry underestimates the problem

The late Princess Diana admitted to the difficulties on adapting to royal life noting that there was no manual for it, and apparently Meghan Markle is confirming this the hard way.

With the anxiously expected royal wedding less than two months away, rumors of 36-year-old former actress Meghan Markle feeling discomfort in her life as a future member of the British Royal Family, confined to the palace and away from everybody, keep coming.

According to some unnamed sources claiming to be close to 33-year-old Prince Harry’s fiancée, Markle is allegedly ‘depressed’ and missing her old life, feeling out of place and with nothing to do in the claustrophobic hermetism of court life.

‘[Kensington Palace] is beautiful, but when she wakes up she has nowhere to go really. She can no longer just get up and take the dog for a walk or go for a jog in the park. She’s not seeing a lot of her old friends in person,’ the anonymous source told In Touch Weekly.

As reported by Closer Weekly, the fact that Markle has been forced to retire from any personal social media would be contributing to worsening the feeling of isolation from the people.

The unknown informer added that Markle feels restrained in the confines of the palace and cannot express a single opinion openly, which is really hard on her as she is known to be strongly opinionated and ‘a free spirit.’

The source also said that Harry is not being as supportive as Markle had hoped when she accepted to step in the unfamiliar grounds of royalty. On the other hand, according to these claims, Harry probably believed it was going to be easier for her than it actually is.

‘Harry may have underestimated what Meghan is going through,’ Markle’s ‘friend’ reportedly said. The informer explained that Harry mostly stays within the palace if he doesn’t have official appointments, and this is not helping.

Isolated from everybody she used to know, Markle’s closest thing to a friend is her future sister-in-law Kate Middleton, but being busy as she is with her pregnancy and royal duties, it makes it difficult for the two to spend much time together.

This leaves only a very unlikely friend to guide and give advice and support to the Hollywood star, someone who knows what is to join the Royal Family as an outsider: Harry’s stepmother Camilla Parker Bowles.

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