Kelly Ripa faces backlash after her recent 'sexy' photos in bikini

It doesn’t matter how good, fit, and healthy celebrities look, there will always be someone who would troll them in their social media posts.

Kelly Ripa seems to be a troller-favorite as people often write negative comments about her on Instagram. This time, they did so in a post her husband, Mark Consuelos, did on March 25, 2018.

According to Yahoo, Consuelos took a photo of Ripa posing in a striking bikini during their beach vacation. While the 47-year-old host has a figure that many people would like to have, Consuelos’ followers considered she is ‘too old’ for that.

Sharon Finnegan was one of them. After admitting that Kelly is gorgeous, she pointed out that there was a ‘cutoff age’ where age-appropriateness comes into play.

She added that just because she looks awesome in a bikini doesn’t mean she can wear it especially because of her children’s friends, who might google the photos and make fun of them.

Another Instagram user, @snowbunnyhop, chimed in confessing that ‘sexy’ was a matter of opinion as she considered Ripa has the body of a 12-year-old boy.

@all_z_taters’ comment was probably the worst one as he tagged Consuelos and wrote that they didn’t know he was ‘into little boys,’ but it wasn’t surprising.

Just as there were a few of people who attacked the couple, many more defended and praised them. Debra Kahl confessed that Ripa is as beautiful as the day she and Consuelos got married.

She added that to be friends, lovers, and in love at the same time is a wonderful blessing they are enjoying.

Patsy Cahoon admitted that Ripa looks stunning and that she wishes to look like her. She ended her comment pointing out that most people who say ugly things about her are just jealous.

Ripa is known for responding to a couple of people who use their social media to criticize her, which means that the trollers should get ready for it.

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