Leland Chapman shares a touching photo with his son while celebrating his 23rd birthday

Son of Bounty hunter Dog Chapman, Leland Chapman celebrates his son’s 23-year- old birthday with an emotional tribute to him.

Amomama shares with you details of Leland Chapman’s emotional tribute to his son as gathered from an Instagram post.

Leland Chapman is the famous son of the bounty hunter, Dog Chapman. Dog had Leland with his former wife La Fonda Sue Darnell but went to prison just months after Leland’s birth.

Leland grew up not knowing his father well and so lived with his Mum alone but he grew out of control and was sent to foster care.

When his father was released, he reunited with him and had his first child at 19 just after high school graduation.

Fast forward to now, Leland has also made a strong name for himself in the bounty hunting world. He’s cleaned up his ways and is currently married to Jamie Pilar Chapman and together they have 3 kids including his son out of wedlock- Dakota.

The proud father of three recently took to his Instagram to pen down an emotional message to the son of his teenage years alongside throwback pictures of him as a teenager with Dakota in his arms.

In the post, two printed photographs of young Leland and his son Dakota as a toddler in his arms were snapped.

In one photo, Leland was seen sitting on a couch with adorable baby Dakota in his arms. In the other, the father-son duo was seen on the beach.

The 41-year-old bounty hunter talked about his fatherhood experience with Dakota when he was a teenager.

He started by writing:

‘ 23 years ago I was a kid trying to raise a kid’

He further continued talking about how fatherhood for him has been all about protecting his little boy and raising him right.

He wrote:

‘As a father, you want to do right by your child, protect them and guide them until it’s time to set them free into the world. Then you hope and pray every day that you raised them right and that they make good decisions on their own. It’s never easy to say but I remind myself I did the best I could with the time that I had. And now, I think I did alright! Dakota, you are my first son. Everything you experience is my first experience with you. You make me very proud! You’re accomplishing my dreams, making your way in the world. My heart is filled with pure happiness and joy for you. You have always been a wonderful boy but now you have become a wonderful man. You make me very proud! Happy birthday my son @dakotadog808. I love you. You can tank @jamiepchapman for keeping the embarrassing photos’

The sweet post garnered over 18,000 likes and several comments from fans who thought Leland’s message was sweet.

Just like his father said, Dakota has grown to be a wonderful man indeed!

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