Jinger Duggar defies her family rules with another rebellious outfit in a new photo

The 24-year-old reality television personality, Jinger Duggar-Vuolo, shocked fans once again by wearing pants instead of a long skirt or dress. 

On Monday, March 26, 2018, her husband Jeremy shared a photo with his 406,000 Instagram followers. It showed Jinger wearing a pair of black pants and a floral print shirt. 

As reported by Pop Culture, the photo also showed her 23-week baby bump. They announced the pregnancy on their website on January 3, 2018. 

Her choice of clothing caused an uproar among her fans. The Duggar household is known for strict rules and dress code. The Duggar women only wear long skirts and dresses. 

Fans rushed to the comment section to express their views. Some were excited that Jinger is finally becoming her own person, free of the rigid rules of her childhood home. 

Others were less impressed and pointed out that Jinger makes controversial decisions all the time. Wearing pants instead of a skirt is nothing new in the Vuolo household. 

An Instagram user known only as Judy said that 'people will still be commenting about her wearing pants when she's 40,' and added that Jinger had been wearing pants 'for at least a year.' 

Kimber explained that Jinger only wore dresses out of respect for her parents. She has since then left her childhood home and is now free to choose her own path.

Kimber also suggested that some of the fans 'get over the negativity.' Melissa Marshall advised Jinger to dress only for herself, her husband and the Lord. 

While her married life with pastor Jeremy has opened up new opportunities for Jinger, she still has to adhere to her husband's rules about modesty, as well as those of the church.

Some might find the Duggar's, and even Vuolo's, ideas to be outdated and antiquated. Nevertheless, the Christian families still have a large following. 

"It is not your liberty, women, to wear sensual, seductive clothing that is designed to draw the attention of your brothers."

Jeremy Vuolo, The Hollywood Gossip, April 17, 2017. 

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