Israeli leader was taken to hospital due to a sudden health crisis

The Israeli Prime Minister was rushed to hospital recently. According to Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesperson, the Prime Minister has been ill for a couple of weeks.

He was taken to hospital on March 27, 2018, according to Faith Family America. His doctor has recommended that he gets plenty of rest and finish his treatment.

According to Reuters, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 68, was suffering from a high fever and a cough, said his spokesman. He was taken to a hospital to undergo tests.

According to his personal physician, the Prime Minister fell ill a few weeks ago and hadn’t recovered fully. His lack of recovery was why he had to undergo further tests.

Netanyahu fell ill in mid-March, and his illness was severe enough to force him to cancel his public schedule for five consecutive days. The Prime Minister’s office stated that he had finished the series of tests and would be released to his home last night according to Haaretz.

"The checkups attest to a minor infection in his upper airways. The doctors recommended that the prime minister rest and take medicine to treat his condition," Netanyahu’s office.


“The prime minister did not complete the time required in order to recover from the illness he had two weeks ago and therefore the symptoms have gotten worse.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman, Faith Family America, March 27, 2018

The Netanyahu is also known to have a very "unique and personal" relationship with President Donald Trump. He recently sat down with conservative radio talk show host, Mark Levin, to explain it as seen in the video above.

But Netanyahu’s illness comes at a very stressful time, and it was possibly made worse by the stress. He is currently under police investigation for corruption in three separate cases.

Netanyahu has denied any wrongdoing. On Monday him, his wife and son were questioned by police as part of an investigation into one of the corruption cases in which the Prime Minister is a suspect.

In the two other cases, police have already recommended that Netanyahu should be charged with bribery. The Israeli attorney general still has to decide whether or not to persecute.

Surveys have shown that about half of Israelis believed the police over the Prime Minister and they thought he should step down. But a third of the people thought he should remain in office.

Support for Netanyahu’s Likud party remained strong in opinion polls.

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